Worker's Rights Manual for Washington State, 2nd Edition

This manual is intended to be an easy-to-use reference on workplace rights. When workers know what their on-the-job rights are, they can protect themselves and fight effectively against possible employer abuse.

This is our second printing of the manual. It contains new information and resources, current as of March 2008. We have learned that the laws on workplace rights change a good deal in a year. We will try keep the online long, unabbreviated version of the guide updated (see below).

Many thanks to the unions/community groups for their generous contributions; they helped to make the printing and Spanish translation of this guide possible. Thanks also to the individuals who contributed to the work. Please take a look at the Acknowledgements section to give credit to these good folks and organizations. Feel free to download any of the versions and pass them
on so that others might use it.

This manual began its life (and first edition) as an Evergreen State College class project in the 2004 program, "Justice at Work" taught by Sarah Ryan and Arleen Sandifer.

Keep in mind that the Workers' Rights Manual is meant to be used as an informative guide, but it is NOT a substitute for legal advice.

Remember to reach out to your co-workers and community organizations. Alone we are weak - together we are strong. With purpose, solidarity, and compassion, there is much we can accomplish........

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English Language Edition -- Long Version (Complete)

English Language Edition -- Abbreviated Version

En español --versión larga

En español --versión abreviada

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