Anarchist Propaganda by Malatesta


by Errico Malatesta


From Punk To Proudhon? A brief history of Garage Collective

Punk to Proudhon cover.jpg

Follow up to 'This is not a manifesto — towards an alternative design practice', this is a 2 page, double-sided zine on art, design and the ideas of Garage Collective. Mainly deals with the idea of cultural agitation and alternative practices.

Three Meter Revolt!

Three Meter Revolt!-1.jpg

applied revolutionary wave-dynamics

a pirate radio zine 

Download at: Meter Revolt!.pdf (7.93 mb)

Society of the Spectacle, The


by Guy Debord

Necessary Illusions by Noam Chomsky

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Anarchy Info-Boxes in Olympia

 Now located at 4th ave. and Franklin Streets in Downtown Olympia

"All materials are free. Feel free to take, borrow and leave print information. Enjoy."  read more »

This Is Not A Manifesto — Ideas Towards An Alternative Design Practice

Alternative Design Practice-1.jpg

Zine about the role of Graphic Design in Capitalism, and some possible alternatives towards a more libertarian/anarchist direction. Also includes a critique of The First Things First Manifesto of 2002. Produced by Garage Collective.

Caught in the Web of Deception


and other writings on anarchists and the media
a Venomous Butterfly Publication

Hack This Zine 5


Hack This Zine 1

ammo_for_the_info_warrior-1-1 copy.jpg

Hack This Zine 3


digital contaband

Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto

Cryptoanarchist Manifesto-1.jpg

teh hackers

Anarchism Triumphant: Free software and the Death of Copyright


by Eben Moglen
June 28, 1999


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